ICMP Destination Unreachable(Port unreachable)

Hi Guys!
Can anyone explain this for me and tell me what should i do next?I can ping host and other addresses. I can call sip phone extensions on same local internet but i can do no outbound or inbound calls to PSTN or mobile. This a wire shark trace for the ICMP error …

There is nothing listening to port 5060/UDP on

I don’t understand it What should i do to make it good ?

I don’t know enough about your system to answer that.

Note that firewalls can fake destination unreachable. Port unreachable tells less about your system than access denied.

Hp pro book 450 window 10 using Vmware 14 pro to run VICIDial v8 and asterisk 11.25 as guest. It is connected to internet using Bridged connection and I m using LTE router DZM enabled for VICIDial server …

I turn of windows firewall port forwarded 5060 UDP to but still the error is there.

After a little research on the issue i have been on conclusion that my port 5060 for my server ip are close so can you guide me how to open them.