IAX2 trunks between asterisks

I have recently set up a Small gateway (vanilla Asterisk 11.7.0 on Dynamic IP) that will handle some PSTN calls and additionally calls via Chan_dongle.

I am presently working only from Chan_dongle.

I want to pass inbound and outbound the calls from this new small gateway to the real PBX (running Elastix with asterisk 11.13.0 on fixed IP)

I have found numerous methods to do what I want to do posted on the web however I suspect that most are outdated.

It seems no matter what I try I get
CAUSE : No authority found

I even tried some setting I found that addressed this issue in Asterisk 1.8 but apparently does not work in asterisk 11

does anyone have any working examples for asterisk 11?

This woks I tested
wiki.freepbx.org/pages/viewpage. … Id=4161588

That may work on (undefined asterisk version) FreePBx however I am using Vanilla astrerisk on one machine. NO GUI

ALso Vanilla Asterisk should Register to Elastix but Elastix should be authenticated to the Vanilla Asterisk (Gateway) via IP address for security reasons. So again another example that requires substantial modification leaving me with a similar problem with authentication

CAUSE : Registration Refused

In this case forget about internet tutorials, and start doing your config from scratch post your configuration files and the cli ouput

I did post in an Asterisk Forum and not a FreePBX forum. Last time I checked , Freepbx was not a part of Asterisk. There is also no refe3rence to what versions of asterisk, nor did you mention any specific asterisk versions that “…it worked…” in

Furthermore I did post a specific issue relating to specific versions of asterisk.

Your seemingly scathing post is unwanted and useless as it relates only to Free PBX which was never mentioned in my post, nor does it really relate directly to this forum.

Maybe you should limit that kind of (FreePBX specific) post to the FreePBX forums.

Sorry, I got confused while reading your first post and that why I posted the FreePBX example. But I’m willing to help you so that why I asked you to post your configuration file and the cli ouput in order the comunity can debug if there is any issue on the trunk between the 2 pbxs