IAX2 error no authority found cause code 50

I am trying to run IAX" between my Asterisk box and a service provider. I can make calls outbound. IOn bound calls get routed to my Asterisk servcer but I get an out of service tone and the error above.

I cannot find anywhere that actually shows what IAX errors mean.

Can anyone help me please?

It means you haven’t (properly) defined a user for the remote asterisk, or have a password missmatch.

Do I need to create a user for the inbound IAX2 trunk? If I do where do I do that, I thought it was done when I set the trunk up. It works for outbound absolutely 100%.

By the way how comes you know what the error code means…is it written anywhere?

many thanks for responding.

Well… the error message is “IAX2 error no authority found”. Anyway if you have created it using some web interface I can’t help you much. Otherwise look at the iax.conf files on both machines in /etc/asterisk.

yes, that seems to be the problem. I am getting all of the CLI presented. It just can’t route the call to the correct extension.

I think this has something to do with the context it is running as well.

I will check IAX.conf it is something around this area…