IAX call limit in asterisk

Hi , can anyone tell the call limit in iax at a time for 2 Mbps internet connection i.e. how much call can be transfer in asterisk from one server to other at a time with sip 2 Mbps trunkline internet connection?

How can we set the outbound call limit of IAX for two asterisk server ?

Zero, because IAX doesn’t use SIP.

I’m not sure of the exact overheads if you mean IAX over something like PPP, but it will depend on the choice of codec, some of the other options selected, and how IP is encapsulated over the 2Mb/s connection, and whether all 2,000,000 bits per second are actually available, e.g. if this is E1, timeslot 0 will not be available.

Zero ?

Suppose we have two asterisk server A(using PRI) and B(using 2 Mbps sip trunk) i want to transfer all incoming call of server B to server A by using IAX and also make all outbound call to A only.It’s working ok but i want to set the call limit in IAX. how to limit in IAX?

You can’t send IAX over a SIP trunk.

If you already know a limit on a resource and want to check whether a call would take you over the limit, use GROUP() GROUP_COUNT().


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Sir i am not sending IAX on sip trunk. i am using IAX only for internal asterisk call transfer from one asterisk server to other and i want to limit the internal call transfer between one asterisk server to other.
how can i do this ? if u have idea then please share it.

See my last response.

What are you asking about: how to set a limit on IAX2 trunk? Or how to calculate such a limit in terms of a number of concurrent calls?
For limiting calls in IAX2, use directive maxcallnumbers or section [callnumberlimits] in /etc/asterisk/iax.conf The details are explained here.

In order to calculate this limit, I need to know which audio codec(s) you are using for the trunk / endpoint.