Iax trunk status

hi guys
I 'm trying to connect to asterisk servers through an iax trunk .i did follow a good tutorial and it worked just fine.
But now and all of the sudden it’s NOT.
Asterisks CLI is telling me.

 Registered IAX2 to '193.xxx.xxx.xxx', who sees us as 41.xxx.xxx.xxx.162:23660 with no messages waiting

so it seems to work but when i issue

*CLI> iax2 show peers
Name/Username    Host                          Mask             Port          Status    
alg/alg               193.xxx.xxx.xxx   (S)   21            Unmonitored
   1 iax2 peers [0 online, 0 offline, 1 unmonitored]

the status should be OK not Unmonitore.
any ideas.


Yes to monitor you have to set a qualify time in the iax.conf


problem solved .thank you very much ianplain