IAX Timing Error while loading Asterisk

I get 3 errors when starting up asterisk w/ asterisk -vvvc (version 1.2.12)

This is my first time using asterisk and I installed it using Ubuntu’s apt-get. I’m trying to setup using my NuFone number. Here’s the config files:




If you guys could please help me solve this problem I would greately appriciate it. I was hoping this would be easy and I could be saving some money on my phone bill… but so far it’s not going that well for me.

Check your res_odbc, extconfig, and odbc.ini files. The DSN doesn’t seem to be matching up

Something else is using port 5060 on your machine. Are you running SER or anything?

This is fine. You don’t have a timing device so you just won’t be able to use trunking mode with IAX, but IAX itself will work fine

Thanks to one of the people in the IRC channel i was able to get rid of all the warnings but the timing one. Which I was also informed is fine sinc i’m not using IAX trunking. The only thing I can’t seem to figure out is why I can’t get to my asterisk server when calling in. I try iax2 show registery and it says the state is registered and when i do iax2 show peers it shows my connection as unmonitored. Also iax2 debug was enabled and the only thing that shows up are those TX-frame retries that you responded to before. I forwarded a UDP port as suggested by someone in the IRC channel but still no luck. There is also no firewall on the computer or on the router so I’m trying to figure out what’s goin on.