Some installation problems for asterisk!

i’m a rookie of asterisk and i install it in gentoo first .
I fellow the step in the book ,download the package of asterisk,zaptel,and libpri.then unpack them,make clean ,make install.finally ,input asterisk -vvvc ,the screen shows "asterisk ready " and it appeared CLI.but when i emerge the asterisk-sounds ,the problem has been happened .I can’t start the asterisk . The screen shows some warning ,such as "[color=red]Feb 21 14:09:17 WARNING[6961]: chan_skinny.c:2587 reload_config: Unable to get our IP address, Skinny disabled
== Registered channel type ‘Skinny’ (Skinny Client Control Protocol (Skinny))
[]Feb 21 14:09:17 WARNING[6961]: loader.c:258 ast_load_resource: /usr/lib/asterisk/modules/ undefined symbol: ast_register_file_version
Feb 21 14:09:17 WARNING[6961]: loader.c:440 load_modules: Loading module failed!
[] => (Inter Asterisk eXchange (Ver 2))
Feb 21 14:09:17 WARNING[6961]: chan_iax2.c:7477 load_module: Unable to open IAX timing interface: No such file or directory
== Manager registered action IAXpeers
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/iax.conf’: Found
== Registered channel type ‘IAX2’ (Inter Asterisk eXchange Driver (Ver 2))
== Using TOS bits 16
== IAX Ready and Listening on port 4569
== Loaded firmware ‘iaxy.bin’
== Parsing ‘/etc/asterisk/iaxprov.conf’: Found
– Loaded provisioning template ‘default’ "[/color]
I can’t deal with it ,so please me !

Please elaborate.