IAX Problems

Hi, I’m brand new to Asterisk and setting up my own SIP phones. I’ve read through the getting started and a couple of other sites on the net about setting asterisk up. To the best of my knowledge I believe I have everything setup correctly but I’m sure I’m missing something. Anyway my service provider is NuFone and I’m trying to use Ekiga softphone for my SIP phone (until i can afford a hardware phone). When I call my number that NuFone gave me I get the following in the CLI (w/ IAX debug enabled):

I get no ringtone but do get a message saying “THe person you are calling is currently not reachable… blah blah” but i’m not sure if that’s asterisk doing that or NuFone.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.

Hmm this information would probably help out wouldn’t it. Completely forgot to put this in the post:




Thats just registration stuff… Nothing to do with an actual inbound call.

oh then why’s it saying the caller is unreachable and i never hear any ringing? Does that mean I’m able to receive calls i just have the extensions and Ekiga messed up?

No it doesn’t appear to be getting to your machine.

are you comming in with zap? what context are you using and do yo have it set right in extensions ?