Iax port blocked.Help!

I am new to asterisk@now. if anyone have the solution please response.

my isp blocks the sip(5060) and iax(4569) port. i have a real ip and i have setup a asterisk@now on that.

but when i am going to connect using zoiper soft phone it could not connect. so i have decided to change the default port for sip:63698 (sip.conf) and for iax:63699 (iax.conf).

but phone does not register.

anybody have the solution?


are you telling zeiper what port it is also?

in xlite i know you can do serverip:port

That’s very disappointing to hear. I know several instances at hotels where I’ve stayed they block almost everything except the bare minimum to keep their clients happy. And it dawned on me one time that the hotels may have a financial incentive to block things like X-Lite and Asterisk to force you to use their expensive long distance services.

But are you sure it’s your ISP that’s blocking these ports? It’s routine for ISP’s to block port 25 traffic because that’s where spammers send their propaganda. But to be blocking iax and sip ports is something I’ve not heard of any ISP doing. Still, if they have an incentive of some kind there’s no telling what they will do. Long gone are the early days of the Internet when everything was free, tax free and wide open. Now days as soon as a demand for something comes up, they find a way to charge you for it. Next thing you know they will start charging for the air you breath while you’re on-line.

Im sorry to tell you, but many ISPs block voip traffic, and so do a selection of countries.


Thank you CustomGT.

Yes. i forgot to give ip=x.x.x.x:3299 but change it in the sip port = 3299.

Now New problem i got, Audio problem. How can i overcome by it?

Thanks again