IAX Dropped Connection

I’m having a problem with my IAX connection. Everything works fine but then all of a sudden the connection breaks down. If I run the commands:

#asterisk -r -x "iax2 show registry"
Host Username Perceived Refresh State
x.x.x.30:4569 slogalbo x.x.x.56:4569 60 Auth. Sent

asterisk -r -x “reload”

asterisk -r -x “iax2 show registry”

Host Username Perceived Refresh State
x.x.x.30:4569 slogalbo 60 Request Sent

The only solution is to restart Asterisk and then it Registers again. Any ideas?

configs and/or a debug log would help. also, your network topology and connections too…

which config files? iax.conf

for starters, yes…we don’t know anything about your server, we need to know how it’s set up, how it’s routing calls, how it’s connected to the world, ect…

My asterisk is behind a NAT firewall using a DSL connection. I have one IAX trunk configured using a PSTN service from junctionnetworks.com.

As I mentioned, all is well and then all of a sudden the connection stops working and a reload won’t reinitialize the connection. A full restart of asterisk is required. I have also verified my Internet connection is stable and there is no problem with my internal SIP communication.

Here is my iax.conf:

bindport = 4569 ; Port to bind to (IAX is 4569)
bindaddr = ; Address to bind to (all addresses on machine)





my guess is your nat/firewall config. are you forwarding the appropriate port to your asterisk box?

I didn’t think I had to forward a port back to my box. I can make and receive calls when it is working. The connection just sporatically drops.

and that is because the NAT is closing the hole it opened for your outgoing traffic. i know that it works for a while, but trust me when i say that no port forwarding is probably the issue.

forward 4569 to your asterisk box and report back.

FYI: voip-info.org/wiki-NAT+and+VOIP

Thanks. I’ll give it a shot. I’ll report back in a few days. It sometimes works for a day or so without failing.

sounds good.