I have re-recorded the Asterisk sound prompts

My name is Bert and I am a voice-over artist from London. I have been working with Asterisk for the past three years and have decided to give back to the community by using my skills.

Currently, I am recording sounds for the core pack and will soon begin recording for the extra pack. I have noticed that there are some files missing from the scripts for both the core and extra sounds, such as the IVR Invalid recordings. If you come across any missing files, please let me know by providing the file name and its content.

Find V1.0 on my website: Bert Scanlon

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again feel free to let me know about any missing files

Nice work mate!
Thanks for sharing.

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Your welcome have a nice day, I am currently recording the Numbers for the Digits Directory, and feel free to use them In your own system and tell if you have any Issues for example if I had forgotten to set the correct sample rate (8000, .wav), the call would disconnect when Asterisk tried to play the recording

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