Asterisk 1.8 Complete Sound File Scripts?

Hey there everyone,

I am looking to find a complete script of all the Asterisk 1.8 sound files (extra sounds included).

I found this: … additional

but that seems to be all from 1.2 & 1.4. Are there additional sounds/changes in 1.8?

I am also not sure if that includes the extra sounds you can install when compiling asterisk.

I also tried to just print out the file list in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds but unfortunately some of the file names don’t actually match what is recored.

Anyone have an idea about where to find this information? We are basically looking to have our voice-over specialist record all the sounds and replace them with the native asterisk sound files so that all the IVR’s, etc match up.


Well. Looking in the digium public FTP - there they are. Sorry!