I don't really know how to set it up. Can someone help me do it in simple terms?

It said post cant be empty

This is not how peer support forums work. They are most appropriate for specific problems, where you have already tried. Ideally you should be more or less right, and the forum will fill in the details, but, if you demonstrate that you have fundamental misunderstanding, the forum, the forum might be able to work out what that is and explain the misunderstanding.

Some members may be prepared to take on consultancy work, but that will be at market rates.

Also, Asterisk is a toolkit, which can be used for many applications in many environments. There isn’t going to be a simple answer that covers all of them, and you provided no information in the body of your posting.

literally just posting this so it doesnt get poop

I think you’d be better off checking out FreePBX. If you’re heart is set on making a pure Asterisk install work, the documentation on wiki.asterisk.org is quite extensive and explains how to install Asterisk and get a simple ‘Hello World’ dialplan going.

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