Humor me: VoIP providers

I know, I know…search first, ask questions second. Well, the PHPBB search is really sucky, so I’m just going to ask in hopes that people will go ahead and post.

I’m looking for SIP VoIP providers that offer DID numbers and will terminate domestically and internationally while costing less than my current rate from SBC/AT&T. Since Voicepulse seems to be everyones favorite around here, I’ll just start there and say they don’t offer any service in my area, and changing my number is out of the question. So I’m looking for alternatives.

I’d like one that offers the ability to have one incoming call, and one outgoing call simultaneously (most do this, so thats a gimme I guess) and if its only one in and one out, offer a “rollover” capability to another “line” so I can buy as many as I need. They also need to be able to port my number in the 417 area code. Caller ID would be cool, but we don’t have it now, so meh.

Pretty basic needs really, but I’m looking for LOTS of options to choose from so I can present this to the people who are writing the checks to see that VoIP really is the way to go.

Thanks in advance,


OK so you are in Missouri ???

I first question would be what was the out come of case with the PSC and Comcast??

Cuz until the Missouri PSC gives the hands off or puts out a policy on VOIP, I would stay clear of any big moves to VOIP in Missouri.

Without a clear PSC policy it could be that your “lines” get hit with a tax / fee.

And as the VOIP market is THIN when it comes to profit, the lack of those taxs / fees in part of those saving you get with VOIP.

So if the PSC sees that Comcast is just a telco when it comes to VOIP, it will cause rates to go up for all, cuz you know the first thing comcast will do is holler, YO they (Voip providers) got pay as well.

And because of the lack of a CLEAR PSC policy some VOIP folks just stay out of the area codes.

So take it slow until you find out the deal with the PSC

Well, we’re further south than the KC area you look to be talking about (Springfield) since we don’t have Comcast, but rather Mediacom. But I think you might have hit the nail on the head. Springfield in general as far as telecommunications go is about 3 years behind the trends of everywhere else. You see, the local utilities company (which pretty much holds a monopoly over the city) also owns ALL the fiber in the area. SO I may just be screwed. I’ve noticed a lot of VoIP providers here, but none of them can port my number. They have numbers in the area sure, but that just won’t work. I may have to mix and match my tech here.

New question: Since its looking more and more like VoIP isn’t an option for porting my existing numbers, how ugly would it be to put one FXO card in the server and then run several new VoIP lines in to handle the rest. The only thing I see becoming an issue is when that one incoming PSTN line is busy, I won’t be able to rollover to one of the VoIP lines.

how about getting a VOIP DID that allows multiple channels and forwarding your PSTN number to it? make sure you have the capability of having more than one call forwarded at a time.

Ok. Now you have me interested. How do I do such a thing? Does Asterisk take care of the forwarding? Or my Telco?

New development. has said they can port my number and the pricing is pretty good compared to what we have now. Anyone heard of them?