Comcast VOIP Phone Service

I finally got tired of AT&T and their highway robbery price for phone service. For two lines plus unlimited local and Cont US long distance I was paying $105 per month.

Comcast was offering their service, 1 line with all the features plus voicemail for $19.95 per month. It also included unlimited local and Cont US long distance. A good deal yes, but I was leary of going total VOIP because the Internet service at my house is good but still is intermittently down a couple of times each week. The saleperson told me the service was not VOIP and worked over the regular phone lines and I needed no special equipment. Well they came and hooked me up today and the first thing the tech did was remove my old cable modem and installed a new box which controlled the VOIP phone. So much for the salesperson knowing the products they sell. The box plugs into the cable which carries my TV signals as well and an RJ 11 cable was run from this box to one of the phone wall jacks in my house. The AT&T connection outside was disabled and poof all the other analog phone jacks in my house work fine with the new VOIP service. But the Internet went down a couple of times today and some calls were dropped. Not a big deal for now so I’m happy thus far and at $19.95 per month for the first 12 months is a tremendous saving.

Now, my question is that with the new service which includes voicemail I basically don’t need my Asterisk server anymore. But I hate to get rid of it so does anyone know if I can connect an Asterisk server to this Comcast setup. I’m asking here because Comcast will answer this with their typical reply which is “We don’t support anything beyond our equipment and don’t even know what Asterisk is.”


Plug your FXO port into the RJ11 on your cable modem (or premisis wiring) just like you did with AT&T. As long as your Comcast connection is up everything should work as it did before.


As far as I know the cable companies dont really provide it as VoIP, it is an analog line that is just being broke out of the cable box. I have Charter where I live and I had the service for a long time, it was seperate from the Internet and TV, they also have to provide the 5 9’s because they are a “telephone company” so I wouldnt think the service would be bad.