Howto play a sound file to callee after caller has hang up?

I’m using the A() option of Dial() to announce to callee before answering the call. Works fine. But how can I easily play similar announcements to callee in the end, i.e. starting when the caller hangs up?

I’d like to do this in a call-forward context (both channels are bluetooth, chan_mobile) where the outbound caller ID is fixed and cannot be set to the original one but the latter can be transferred acoustically. This works fine, done by Dial() (and a shellscript to prepare the sound file). If a mailbox drops in on called side though, an announcement is not possible in the beginning but rather has to come in the end.

I think of G() option in Dial(), “exten => h”, ChanSpy/Whisper but I cannot figure out how it has to be done.

Is there a simple solution?

Thanks a lot

Can you not use the ‘F’ option to direct the callee to a new location in the dialplan and do what you want there?

“F - When the caller hangs up, transfer the called party to…”

Oh, yes, this sounds very good, thanks a lot - P

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