Howto get string caracters when dialing 411 (pbdirectory)


Probably a stupid question, but can’t figure it out :cry:
When I dial 411 I get a message asking to give the 3 first letters of the name.
I tried with the 2 types of phone we use (Siemens gigaset C470 and Snom 320), but at that time the keyboard is in numeric mode, and i can’t figure out how to get some alphanumeric caracters ??

thanks for your help.


411 means nothing without your specific/your GUI’s dial plan.

If this is the directory application, I presume it works by 2 can mean a or b or c, 3 can mean d or e or f, etc.

Thanks for your answer.
I did install asterisknow 2.0.2 without changing anything to dialplan. As far as I now 411 is the feature code for phonebook dial-by-name directory, and as far that I can understand this feature is working, but my problem is that my phones keeps sending digits instead of letters.
by example, after dialing 411 and that the system asks me to give the 3 first letters, I dial 2x6 to get the “n”, but instead of getting the “n”, i get 66…

don’t know how to change this behaviour



This isn’t an AsteriskNow forum. 411 has no intrinsic meaning to Asterisk.

I don’t think you are expected to try to get letters. For the first three letters of “name”, I would expect to tdial 623.

I had a quick look at the code and that seems to confirm it.


It’s working like that, but I do not understand why 623 for “nam”. I should dial 626 ?
Anyway, I don’t find this a very useful function, so I will look for something more userfriendly.
In fact what I am looking for is a way that the user can scroll a list of names on the screen of his phone, and that this list is maintained at only 1 place (not a personal directory into each phone). Is there a way to achieve that easily ?



I coded e rather than m, by mistake.

The basic idea for this technique predates SMS on mobile phones. Multiple presses only appears friendly because you are used to the post-SMS world. The technique used works with any DTMF phone. As long as you don’t have too many names to search, it should work quite well (remember that the latest SMS devices only use 1 press per character).

There is nothing in SIP that supports this. Many phones have some sort of web client, that you could use, with a suitable server.

Ok, thanks. In the mean time I achieved to have a click2dial systel working togheter with our Egroupware system