Howto dial from the Asterisk CLI

Finally, I got my Cisco7960G and Snom 320 working.
I can call the other and vice versa.

How can I dial a phone from the Asterisk CLI ?
Is it like:

CLI> dial sip/50001 ???

I looked on the internet and tried some commands but failed!

THX in advance !

Hi wwinter1,
my asterisk have Sip:175124.
I am ready to call it successfully by:
asterisk1*CLI> dial 175124
SIP/175124-54f1 is ringing
SIP/175124-54f1 answered OSS/dsp.
Please try to do it.
Hoping you too.
Quoc Viet

the clue is in the message above … you need the OSS channel enabled, and so you’ll need a a sound card configured and the appropriate alsa.conf and oss.conf