How to connect 2 asterisk servers?

How to connect 2 asterisk servers?

Thanks! … +2+servers

Assume I have configured my Asterisk server as a friend and a person in
Brazil has another Asterisk server configured as a friend.

I want to use my server as a softphone, having a microphone, a sound card, and a speaker installed. How do I call the other Asterisk server from my asterisk console? I didn’t see any line command that could do that.

I want to experiment with this because I am fascinated by the IAX protocol; it has much lower overhead than the SIP or H.323 or the Skype protocol, so it is very promising for videophone, for example.

you’ll need chan_oss for that. chan_oss provides a “dial” command form the CLI that literally connects the soundcard (via chan_oss) to the outgoing line. By including the module chan_oss, you’ll find a new “dial” command on the CLI.

I followed instructions on how to install chan_oss from voip-info. The first two steps are OK. When I searched for amportal in /usr/sbin/ I can’t find it. Who should I ask?