How to use meetme commands


I am planning to develope a meetme manager.
I have tried meetme commands but i dont know how to give permission to administrator for mute features, increase and decrease the volume and other features.

and how to use meetmeadmin and meetmemute commands ?

for ex:

admin : 4000

other : 2000, 2001, 2002

meetme room : 5555 (in meetme.conf -> i’ve configured 123 passwrod for users and 12345 password for admin )

so what i have done is

i wrote the this command below

exten => 5555,1,meetme(5555,i)

everythig works fine. but dont know admin features.

how to use meetmemute and meetmeadmin commands in 5555 room.

please help me.

thanks & regards