How to use MALLOC_DEBUG the memory corruption

I meet the problem in I don’t know why the topic has been closed. I recently use many tools to debug the problem,like valgrind , electriction and etc. Howere I can’t slove the problem already. And I see the asterisk has the MALLOC_DEBUG,and I have read the usage. I know the MALLOC_DEBUG like the electrect tool, and I want to know the more detailed of the MALLOC_DEBUG. Where I can find the doc.

All dormant threads are closed. That’s done to avoid people resurrecting old threads with what are almost always really new problems (most times people say they the exact same problem they don’t, and when they do either the answer is already in the thread, or no-one is able to answer).

I doubt that there is any more documentation on the option you mention than the actual source code and and the output it produces. You are likely to need a good understanding of the source code to solve any memory corruption problem.

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