How to debug source code of Asterisk

Hello everyone,
how to debug source code of Asterisk
Thanks for your help.

This is a developer question. Developers are not supported on this board. This forum is also not a support forum. Follow the sticky posting on the support forum to find developer resources.

In general, though, the Asterisk source code is so complex that if you are not already familiar with Linux debugging tools, you probably should not be attempting to work on it at a level that requires such tools. There are no Asterisk specific tools, so general Linux developer resources are what you need.

(As noted on what I think was another of your postings, gdb is the basic machine code/source code debugger used on Linux.)

hi david55,
Could you help me write guide explain step by step to do that.
now I am using gdb on linux
Thanks you so much

I do flow step by step below:

  1. build: make menuselect
    • choice: Compiler Flags
  2. gdb /usr/sbin/asterisk
    (gdb) set args -vvvgc
    (gdb) run