Asterisk Segmentation fault after call pickup

i have a strange problem that newer happened before
after i pickup a call Asterisk crashes
Please help to figure out whycore.882-locks.txt (599 Bytes) core.882-info.txt (400 Bytes) core.882-full.txt (67.6 KB) core.882-brief.txt (47.3 KB) core.882-thread1.txt (2.0 KB)

Please provide a dump that is from your segmentation violation, and which was made with the debug symbols available.

If this really was an abort and not a segmentation violation, it occurred when trying to allocate memory in app_konference, and there will be an assertion failure message, but you haven’t captured it directly, and, because you have no debug symbols, you haven’t captured it as a parameter of a function call.

Assertion failures in malloc are normally caused by memory corruption, and that corruption may have been associated with another thread and happened somewhat earlier.

The app_konference module is also third party, and I’ve seen a few crashes in it posted by people previously.