How to update and reset to original config


I would appreciate knowing how to update asterisk and how to reset to original config.
I have asterisk installed on a linux install - both have not been updated for years.


You can download the sources from for your preferred version. Then backup your actual config to tars and (optional) delete the directories /etc/asterisk, /var/lib/asterisk/, /usr/lib/asterisk/.

And finally compile your sources.

Updating Asterisk shouldn’t damage your current configuration, although it might become invalid because of configuration language changes.

The original configuration for Asterisk is empty, although many people may start by running make samples.


thank you for the information.
If I want to start again do I delete the following directories?

/etc/asterisk, /var/lib/asterisk/, /usr/lib/asterisk/

Are there any other directories I need to delete?


make uninstall-all

Hi, what folder would I run make uninstall -all in?
I cannot remember doing a make when I installed asterisk many years ago.
regards, Mark

The top level of the source tree.