How to test STUN with asterisk


I have asterisk- Its working fine. Now I have setup my own STUN server. using the source.
I have given the stun server’s IP in in STUN settings of my softphone. when the phone gets registered, I m getting request on my stun server. Will you please guide me how to test the STUN with asterisk.

Is there any configurations do I need to do in asterisk ?
If the STUN is setup how to test whether it is using STUN or not ? how to confirm it ?


You can confirm the correct softphone STUN operation if you check the SIP signalling on your Asterisk server (sip set debug on) when you make a call from your softphone (via the Asterisk server). If the softphone is using PC’s local LAN IP address in the SIP headers, then the STUN is not working OK on the softphone. If the sofphne is using the router’s public WAN address in the SIP headers, then STUN is working OK on the softphone.