How to test LineJACK under Asterisk? Newbie asking for help

Hi again,

Once I have successfully installed Asterisk, I’m trying to set up a simple Asterisk configuration in order to make simple a test. My aim is to place calls between an analogic phone connected to a LineJACK through Asterisk to a SIP client running on my laptop. It would seem something like this:

|Linejack Card | <----------> Phone


My questions are:

  • What kind of drivers my Linejack needs? (as this card is not a Digium hardware) Now ixj drivers are installed.
  • How Do I need to configure my Linejack as FXS in the phone.conf?
  • In extensions.conf, how can I name a phone channel?

If anybody has currently a Linejack running, please help me!
Config files and any kind of hint will be welcome.

PD: Please correct me if I’m soing something stupid…