Quicknet PhoneJack and LineJack support

Hello all,

I got 4 or 5 quicknet phonejacks and linejacks. Quicknet was one of the first companies offering products for voip but today the support for theit hardware is very bad. I been triying to use my cards and asterisk wihtout success, I tried asterisk@home which doesn´t support them. I tried to compile and install the drivers without success.

After so much time spent without getting the system to work I wanted to ask better support for this cards. I believe they are good hardware and there are tons of these cards arround that we could use for a very low price.

If some one knows a good and easy way to get asterisk going with the phonejacks let me know. Something like asterisk@home with PhoneJack support? Could some one give the email from the guy doing asterisk@home or forward this thread to him?

It is more of a drivers issue. You would want to speak to the people that maintain the drivers for zaptel