How to take calls back into the IVR

I would like to do something like say for example, the customer presses 1/2/3 etc to reach to phone numbers assigned for each IVR menu so lets say if the customer presses 1, then he will be taken to the misc destination(the phone number X1X1X1X1) and if he presses 2 then he will be taken to the misc destination(the phone number X2X2X2X2) and he will be connected to that phone number so that he can talk, but once the conversation is done, the customer will be able to press * or # button to come back to the main IVR so that he can press 3 and press 4 on and on and on. any suggestions?

Misc destination is a FreePBX term. IVR is a generic telephony term, which can correspond to many different possible implementations in terms of Asterisk primitives, but is also a FreePBX term corresponding to a specific implementation.

I therefore conclude you are on the wrong forum and actually want

(You can use the g option on Dial to continue the dialplan when the callee hangs up, and implement an IVR there to look for your * or # key. You might also be able to achieve this globally be disabling the auto fallthrough setting. None of these is likely to help you do so within the FreePBX constraints.)

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It appears that the OP also posted on the FreePBX forum: Take calls back into the IVR from misc destination - Applications / Modules - FreePBX Community Forums

ahhh my bad i confused these two platforms. But i guess i got the help right here from you which you already suggested the g option.

Just to be clear. FreePBX uses Asterisk, but it uses it in specific ways to create abstractions like IVRs, routes and trunks that are not concepts that Asterisk itself understands. My suggestion about g on Dial is based on Asterisk.

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I have done it by features.

features.conf section applicationmap

gwiazdka => *,peer/caller,Hangup


	same => n,Set(__DYNAMIC_FEATURES=gwiazdka)
	same => n,Dial(local/${CPB}@func-DIALNUMBER,55,geL(${CALLLIMIT}))

This add function gwiazdka to channel before make and outgoing call. If caller press * then outgoing call is hanguped and go through dialplan

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Thank you so much! <3

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