Need Help

I have an Asterisk server where Asterisk 1.8 and FreePBX is running.

I want to configure my system as - user will call to a number through my Asterisk Server. A DID number is assigned, user will call at that number and the user will get the outgoing trunk for make a call to user’s desired number.

I assigned IVR for this purpose. Suppose in IVR -1 is assigned for select the outbound trunk for make a outgoing call, 2 for my receiption and 3 for terminate the call. The IVR is working fine, if I press 2 it goes to the reception, for 3 the call is terminate.

From the asterisk cli msg I found that after pressing 1 it goes to the outbound trunk that I configured for it with my Asterisk server’s DID number (inbound trunk number that I assisgned for users to call in the Asterisk server).

Now the problem is how the caller insert his/her desired number when it goes to the outbound trunk for make a outgoing call…???
How can I design the system that fullfil my requirements…???

Use DISA module and ask in the correct forum.