[Dialplan] How can I add a third party in a existent call?

How can I add a third party in an existent call?

For example, my Asterisk server will receive a call and will accept it in the IVR, looks like a meet-me function but without drop the call, only a transfer for an external number.

Is this the call flow ?
-> INBOUND CALL -> ANSWERED in the IVR -> DIAL to external party?

yes, exactly

I’m having trouble understanding why how this differs from the basic automated attendant case, for which you use the Dial application in the obvious way.

On the other hand a specific way of implementing IVRs is a FreePBX concept, and if you are using FreePBX, you need to ask on their forum.

Asterisk has no concept of an IVR, although it can be used to created IVRs.

Assuming you re using plain Asterisk

just use the dial command to dial out to the external number after the IVR selection, if is FreePBX there is a feature called https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Misc+Destinations+User+Guide

If the last one is your case use the FreePX forum

Oh, I got it, it’s too easy only use the Dial() app, I didn’t know if it possible too use to connect a external call.

Thank you.

thank you too ambiorxg12

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