How to Stop MixMonitor by AMI in asterisk 1.8

Hi everyone,

I start MixMonitor inside AGI and I want to Stop it in another AGI channel.

So inside that AGI I call an AMI to Stop Monitoring the call by Calling StopMonitor Action but this action just stop the Call that monitored via Monitor Command (not mixMonitor).

I know in asterisk 11 there is stopMixMonitor Action and it worked correctly but I want to know is there anyway to stop MixMonitor of specific channel in asterisk 1.8 or not?

I found a way to achive this:

  1. in ami there is Command Action
  2. in cli there is mixmonitor stop command

so following command will stop mix moinitoring of specific channel:

Command: mixmonitor stop <channel>

hope this help some one