How to started with pjsip

hi i try everal examples but noghing working… the asterisk wiki has no line to haed to follow…

What are you trying to do? In a way pjsip.conf answers the basic questions and an overview is given here:

There’s also config examples[1]. As asked for though, you have to state what you’re trying to do and what exactly isn’t working to get help.


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again nothing usefully!

As I said before, if you need help with something then you’ll need to explain what you are trying to do and what isn’t working and what you’ve tried. Without this information then noone here can help.

I mean this respectfully…

I recently deployed an Asterisk 16 system, configured PJSIP, the DPMA module with 100+ Digium phones, as well as a number of non-Digium devices, and configured a dialplan --all having no prior experience with VoIP, but having an intermediate level of experience with Linux and good networking skills. This was my first go-around with Asterisk and with any type of PBX system for that matter.

My advice to you… Try and spell out where you’re having issues. Have you even built Asterisk on your server yet? You’re asking for help, but those who can help you have nothing to go on because you are not providing any details.

The Asterisk documentation and the Asterisk wiki, along with some other third party sites, were my saving grace. If you are having trouble navigating a Linux system or don’t understand networking, you should not claim fault on the Asterisk resources. Understanding of Linux and core networking are prerequisites. I’m not saying you don’t know Linux or networking, but with the info that you have provided, no one knows either way.

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