How to set up and use asterisk

I am a newbie looking for some suggestions from the people that know. I have been using magic jack for a year and it just isn’t good enough to use for business. I am looking for a Voip system for the the best price and quality. I need step by step instructions to set up and configure one phone line to use to make and receive phone calls.

I have decent beginner computer skills but don’t have the time to devote to learning the telephony business.

I understand this is far below the questions generally discussed on this forum. I just trying to get some guidance.


Robert, With all due respect. Pay me to do it for you. Or read Read “The Book”… :wink:

Better off, get the book for free from here. :laughing:

Not to be mean, but if you ask a generic question like that on a support forum… you should pay someone rather than do it your self. if you don’t want to pay someone, then search the net first and only when you can’t find what you are looking for post it on a forum.

just my opinion.