How to set the language in the queues?


How to select a language in queues?

Those. the subscriber calls. he is first asked to choose a language, and on the basis of his choice he is transferred to one or another queue.

I need Russian and Kazakh.

The fact that this is a language isn’t really relevant (although you may also want to set the language).

This is just a standard Read (), followed by GotoIf() or ExecIf(), application, or a WaitExten(), as you would use for any other user input.

I’m wondering if you are trying to do this through a GUI, as that is the only reason I can think of as to why this might not appear straightforward, and the conditional action being a queue invocation might be relevant. This is the wrong forum for GUI questions. FreePBX have a forum at

I use the console asterisk without any web add-ons.

I am also trying to create a queue through the queues.conf file. But there, by default, the language is used, which is registered by default in the sip.conf file.

the situation is that I need to configure the language specifically for QUEUES

Set CHANNEL(language) before calling Queue.

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