How to request a feature ot submit code changes?

I am not sure this is the right forum… but I would like to know how to properly make changes to the asterisk source and submit them as a feature change…

or should I be requesting the feature to be written and added by an official asterisk digium developer?

spcifically im wanting to make changes to the Directory application… but want to make sure these changes stick going forward and arent overwritten every time I update or upgrade my asterisk system…

any help is appreciated… writing the code isnt the issue here… im just not famililair wit hthe correct etiquette in an open source environment

If you are going to submit code, you need to register on (I think it is now, then have someone with the authority to do so agree and complete the code submission licence (basically, you keep ownership of your code, but give Digium full rights to use it in both open source and non-open source applications).

Once that is agreed, you submit a feature request issue report, with a unified diff against a recent version. Your code needs to follow the Digium coding standards.

There is another web site for submitting wish list items without any code.