How do I contribute a new/modified dialplan-app?

I have written a little dialplan app. (Actually 99% of it is app_exec.c) Which just like Exec() executes an application passed as parameter but alway has a result of 0.
This is useful if the executed app might exit no zero and you still want to continue in the extension.
How you guys want me to contribute this to the project. I don’t know to what extent I will participate in development in the future, so SVN Commit access is probably way overkill.
Thanks for the info,

you need to send in a disclaimer and post a patch on the bug tracker.

See and review the bug guidelines before posting.

also make sure your patch is in unified diff format easiest way is to “svn diff” to get what you want

It has been a great experience. I followed your pointers and went from there. Less than 24 hours have passed and my app has been committed to trunk. :smile:
Working in the asterisk community has been a pleasurable experience even in comparison to other OSS communities, and you helped make it so.

So Thanks and kudoos to you.