Have code to contribute - how to proceed?


We have developed some new code that adds functionality to the agi / fastagi interface and, over time, are likely to add more functionality.

The code we have developed is, we belive, of generic use; specifically (so far) a function that provides a GetDigits function which is more flexible than the GetData function. It behaves similarly to Dialogic’s dx_GetDigits in that it allows a variable number of digits to be collected, flexible terminating digits can be specified, together with a total timeout for all digits and an interdigit timeout.

The question is, who do we submit the code to, and who decides whether such an addition is of general interest and is added to the next release ?

Over time, we are anticipating adding more such functionality - for example being able to add files to a play-list and then invoke them to be played out one-after-another, without the delay of a round trip to the contolling application.

Your input to how we should proceed from here would be appreciated.

Martin Steer,
eurovoice limited.