How to register users and get all registered users?

I’m developing a simple voip application in .NET. I have Asterisk installed and FreePBX. I need to add new users programmatically(softphone checks if he is registered, if not, registers itself(optionally - creates an extension), and after that makes SIP registration). And I also need to get the list of all registered users(to make something like phonebook). I googled, but didn’t find how I can implement this functionality. Closest option is using FreePBX database, but I don’t know how to connect to it. What is the best way to do it? And is it possible?

We don’t know either. For peer support for FreePBX, use

There is no general way of doing this with Asterisk, as Asterisk has no entity corresponding to a user in its data model; you would need to take into account the specific structure of the dialplan.

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Thank you, I’ll ask in freepbx community.