How to provide bug information for asterisk

i am currently working on tracking down a bug in asterisk which is causing my system to crash.

What I am wondering is: what is the properly protocol for configuring asterisk to help track down bugs so they can properly be submitted to the bug list.

I currently only have WARNING and ERROR messages going to my log and they don’t really provide any useful information. The last thing I see in my log is:

[Sep 3 18:56:34] WARNING[24221] channel.c: SIP/bw-077d3210 is already going to masquerade as Local/OFFHOOK@acd_dial_offhook-62e9,1

Followed immediately by a system restart.

Thanks for any information.


They will likely need a backtrace of the crash. Look in the <*source>/doc/backtrace.txt for a mini how-to.

thanks, looks to me like the only real preparation was to disable compiler optimization and recompile to ensure good info in the core dump. Guess it’s just a waiting game now.

my previous core dumps are totally useless, but i guess that’s to be expected with the compiler optimizing things.


what version of * is this ?

SIP/bw-077d3210 is already going to masquerade as Local/OFFHOOK@acd_dial_offhook-62e9,1

Well that does tell you a fair bit realy, I would do a show dialplan OFFHOOK@acd_dial_offhook and see what the dialplan is as it seems to be a problem area.

and bug does mention it. seems to be an issue with possibly transfers


The version of * which crashed was I have since upgraded to, i can’t say if the problem has gone away as I only upgraded last night. I don’t believe the dialplan is actually the problem as it is a sporadic crash. This context is run successfully hundreds or thousands of times before a crash actually occurs.

I have a fairly complex application which uses AMI redirects, FastAGI, and app_conference. This is just a small piece of the puzzle. Basically we request a manager originate for a Local channel which lands in this context.

exten => OFFHOOK,1,Verbose(1,About to dial offhook agent)
exten => OFFHOOK,n,SipAddHeader(P-Charge-Info:"${p_charge}" <sip:${p_charge}@XX.XX.XX.XX>)
exten => OFFHOOK,n,Dial(${dial_string},${timeout},${options})
exten => OFFHOOK,n,Agi(agi://${AGI_HOST}/ACD_OffHookResultHandler.agi?dial_result=${DIALSTATUS}&message_id=${message_id})
exten => OFFHOOK,n,Verbose(1,Outbound Call Failed, Counting on OriginateResponse handler to clean up)
exten => OFFHOOK,n,Hangup()

exten => ANSWER,1,Agi(agi://${AGI_HOST}/ACD_OffHookResultHandler.agi?dial_result=ANSWER&message_id=${message_id})
exten => ANSWER,n,Playback(silence/5)
exten => ANSWER,n,GoTo(acd_call_hold,HOLD,1)