Asterisk got crashed

Hi all,
I have RPI setup, installed asterisk 13.18.2 and chan_dongle installed as modules.
Once I started the dialing, after few hours, asterisk code completely crashed.
Attached the crash dump file.
Any one can you please tell us where exactly code is got crashed ? asterisk code or chan_dongle code ?

You need to provide a backtrace. core files are very dependent on exact versions of binaries and libraries, so need to be analyzed on the system that created them, or an exact equivalent. You also need to make sure your binaries are unstripped and, for any deeper debugging, are built unoptimised. Google “asterisk wiki backtrace” for how to get a backtrace.

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An additional note is that 13.18.2 is almost 2 years old, and is not something that the project itself will support if you file an issue.

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Thanks David. Yes, based on the wiki, I just took backtrace but not copied the core file, let me reproduce it again and add the core file too.
Using ast_coredumper tool, I have created the dump files which are already shared via filebin.

Thanks jcolp.
Yes, understood, it make sense, actually we would like to understand the crash issue that whether it is from asterisk or chan_dongle where we modified default code to support our HW… as per core dump, suspecting issue could be from asterisk, but not sure how to interpret on core dumps. Thats where we seek help, with that we should be able to continue or decide further on next steps.

A freed frame was attempted to be freed again. That’s all I can say.

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