How to play my own musiconhold in queue

how can i play different music at the time of entering in different queue. i tried with following in queues.conf, but neither of these is working. do i need to do anything in musiconhold.conf ?? now it always playing the default one


musicclass=/var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/mymusic ; play [default] music


musicclass is a name which is indirected through musiconhold.conf

hey david,
thanks again , just figured it out. then what is musiconhold in queues.conf ? actually my queue is configured in mysql table and i found a musiconhold field in the table. is it any use ?

thanks again

another problem,

when the agent keep the caller on hold , again the default music on hold is being played.

thought musiconhold in queues.conf also indirected to musiconhold.conf like musicclass. but its not working…

the agent’s sip phone has its own musiconhold music . when agent keep the caller in hold agents own musiconhold is not also playing … its still the default music…