How to play multiple prompts in single command

Hello all,

Does asterisk support playing multiple prompts to the end user in a single command with DTMF detection?

Currently, if we have to play say 5 prompts to the user, we issue 5 STREAM FILE agi commands.

Can we combine them in one and can still detect DTMF?

Please let know the way through which we can achieve it?


As far as I know, although I haven’t tried it, when done directly from the dialplan, & can be used with Background(). I don’t use AGI for dialplan logic, so I can’t answer this from an AGI point of view.

Note. This appears to be a Support question, not a General comment!

Hi david55 ,

Apologies for posting it in wrong forum. Can this be moved to support forum?

Yes,Background application can help in achieving it but there is no support from AGI perspective. :frowning:

I was more interested in the getting the solution/workaround from AGI perspective :smile:

Nevertheless thanks for the reply.