Multiple Playback


I want to know whether playing of two files simultaneously in asterisk is possible or not.
Let us assume one information prompt is playing and at the same time i want to play a background music to that prompt.
Using sox i can mix the two prompts and play.
But i want to keep on changing the background music for each call so that caller will be having a good feel.

Is there any possibility to implement this using the optionsAMI,Async AGI… etc or with any other options in asterisk.


Make multiple files that combine music (different) and talk (same). Let Asterisk only play a single file.
I think this is the only sensible way of satisfying this requirement.

Before playing a prompt, do an originate ( … on_ChanSpy) on calling channel with second leg of originate call playing music.
Optionally you can use ConfBridge ( … ConfBridge) with Originate to achieve same.

–Satish Barot