Background music while playing IVR menu

Is it possibel to play 2 sound files at the same time?
I want to play a background music file and have it keep playing while I play multiple foreground IVR menu files. I tired to embed the music in the foreground files but could not get the music to sound seamless.



Depending on what your service is, Playing music while options are being read out is not a good idea and is not in line with ITU advice. Also it will fall foul of universal access regulations if in force in your country.


We have heard TTS with and without background music, and for TTS that is not “human” sounding, music makes it sound WAY better. It would be very low volume, instrumental music. I am going to research the ITU, and I thank you for the advice, I am always looking to learn more. As to my service provider I am not violating any telecom rules by playing music.

You misunderstand Universal access, Its to do with access for disabled users, IE hard of hearing users.