How to pass through unsupported media type

I’m connecting Linphone with Asterisk 15.3 (PJSIP channel) and trying to configure also support
for the upload/download of files.
Practically Linphone Android uploads file to a PHP server and then sends a SIP MESSAGE towards
the other user to notify about a file to download.
The body of the MESSAGE is an XML containing URL that indicates from where the uploaded file should be downloaded.
When the destination user receives the MESSAGE with Content-Type:application/vnd.gsma.rcs-ft-http+xml
it should automatically start downloading the file.
Problem is that Asterisk responds with “415 Unsupported Media Type” to such kind of content type.
Is there any chance to let this content type to traverse Asterisk without being rejected?


Asterisk does not support such a thing, there is no configuration support for it and you would need to do code modifications.

Thanks jcolp,
I saw in other forums that you already pointed out this so that’s ok
but I was trying to get some guidance/suggestions on where and how modify the code
to get this feature implemented.
Where should I focus on?

Thanks again

I haven’t touched that card so I have no suggestion. You’d need to follow the flow throughout things and understand how they interact.

Also, this is a developer question, and is more appropriate for the developer mailing list or IRC channel.