415 Unsupported Media Type

Hello all,

First of all, I’m not very experienced with Asterisk… at all. We’ve just made a little setup where we can call with our devices through SIP, everything works fine.

But we want an implementation for SCAIP (social care alarm internet protocol), which basically is SIP + XML. We enabled the option that our alarm device is calling with SCAIP, but it doesn’t work.

It’s giving a 415 Unsupported Media Type error (Content-Type is application/scaip+xml). Now my question:

  • Is there a way to add a new media type somewhere?
  • Where do calls/messages get handled?
  • At what point in the code does it decide to give this error?

If it’s possible I would like to be given some files/functions where I can find this stuff. I hope I made myself clear enough. Thanks in advance!

Update: The request is a MESSAGE request (instant message). Is it true that Asterisk only allows instant message with media type “text/plain”? If so, is it recommended to add some lines in the source code so he can support another media type?

Have you now a solution for SCAIP implementation? I have the same problem