How to monitor a VoIP desk phone with SUBSCRIBE method of SIP protocol?

Suppose that a soft-phone (named A) wants to control and watch a desk-phone (named B). This control means A aware of call states of B. It is possible through subscribe and notify concept that described in RFC 3265-(SIP)-Specific Event Notification and specific event package described in An INVITE-Initiated Dialog Event Package for the SIP. Simply we need to request from server that A to be subscribe of B and set the Event header field of request to dialog and server will be respond a message (named NOTIFY) consists information of call state with XML format in message body. The SIP message header for requesting a subscription is:

    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;rport;branch=z9hG4bK2522767409
    From: <sip:A@>;tag=1005210864
    To: <sip:B@>
    Call-ID: 1389263473
    [Generated Call-ID: 1389263473]
    CSeq: 20 SUBSCRIBE
    Contact: <sip:A@>
    Accept: application/dialog-info+xml
    Max-Forwards: 70
    User-Agent: NOSA
    Expires: 3600
    Event: dialog
    Content-Length: 0

After that when server respond 200OK that means subscription is accepted, whenever call state of B will be changed (for example C calling to B) server send a NOTIFY message like this:

Message Header:    
    Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK220fd028;rport
    Max-Forwards: 70
    From: <sip:B@>;tag=as79c9c0a0
    To: <sip:A@>;tag=1005210864
    Contact: <sip:B@>
    Call-ID: 1389263473
    [Generated Call-ID: 1389263473]
    CSeq: 107 NOTIFY
    User-Agent: GHX-(6.1.47)
    Subscription-State: active
    Event: dialog
    Content-Type: application/dialog-info+xml
    Content-Length: 204
Message Body:
    <?xml version="1.0"?>\n
    <dialog-info xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:dialog-info" version="5" state="full" entity="sip:B@">\n
    <dialog id="222">\n

As you can see in the response body, the <state> element value is early that means B is ringing. This is the call state of B and everything till now is ok for us. But we need the contact information of C that is not appeared in any NOTIFY response.

We have studied the RFC 3265 and RFC 4235 several times, and we have expected that the contact information of C should be exists in a <remote> element in body notify response message as described in RFC 4235- Local and Remote Elements

The question is how to get caller-id or contact information of third party or remote user agent through SIP event packages? Are we using a proper SIP event package for that or not?

The dialog-info+xml can contain that information, but does not have to.

Ok. I think there is a authorizations for that but i don’t know how and where can i set that authorizations.

There isn’t in chan_pjsip, if that’s what is being used. If you’re using something else - I couldn’t say.

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