Good afternoon!

I’m trying to find a way to communicate state information about a call between the client and PBX. For example, if DND is enabled, i’d like the client to be notified of it by the PBX. If the DND is disabled by the handset, i’d like to be a SIP message sent to the PBX.

Can this type of functionality be handled via RFC3265 (SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY)? I’d like to key off that state information to display certain things to the client user or to enable/disable certain things on the PBX.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


Hi -

I doubt it can be done through the RFC otherwise it would have been implemented already. The problem with DND on SIP phones is that the call has to be sent to the phone before the 3XX messages are sent in reply from the handset.

This is why some GUI’s (like freepbx) make a DND feature code available and those feature codes set values in asterisk’s internal database AstDB.