How to manually set a queue member status?

As following:

*CLI> show queue
CustServ has 0 calls (max unlimited) in ‘roundrobin’ strategy (0s holdtime), W:0, C:0, A:0, SL:0.0% within 0s
SIP/1001 with penalty 1 (dynamic) (Unavailable) has taken no calls yet
No Callers

FYI, my SIP/1001 is currently hotdesking on station 5001. When i sign into CustServ queue, status Unavailable due to SIP/1001 do not register on any softphone.

SIP/1001 is not defined in agent.conf, I login into the queue by DAC.

How can I manually set the SIP/1001 status from Unavailable to Available/Not in use?

Thanks in advance.

What are you trying to do? I believe Asterisk only allows you to add/delete queue members or pause/unpause them.

I am doing a hotdesking + queue. After I use extension 1001 to hotdesk on station 5001, I add SIP/1001 into the queue, but then the status of this member SIP/1001 is unavailable. It can’t receive any calls although it has already logged into the queue.

In this case, station 5001 is registered on the softphone, but not extension 1001.

So, I wish to enable the member status to become “Available” from “Unavailable”, but I can’t find any predefined function and solution online.

Any idea?


The states reflect the state of the connection to the phone. You cannot fake them.

To get full phone state tracking, you need to enable qualify. However, the difference is between unknown and available, in that case. Unavailable will either mean unregistered, or possibly that is not responding to the OPTION packets being sent by qualify.

So in my case, my extensions are all unregistered. Is there any alternative way to enable them?

Give them a static host= value, and, possibly turn on qualify.

I’ll try it on Monday, as the server is in my company, not my house.

Thanks. =)

David55, any example of static host?


Substitute the actual address of the phone here.

David55, static host is not applicable on my case as I am working on hotdesking.

I have figured out an alternative way to complete the hotdesking by deleting the previous database record without knowing the key of the database. If you want the solution, I will post it here.


That’s exactly the case that register is intended for, so why are you not using register?

Because I am currently working on hotdesking + queueing, so I register my stations but not user extensions.

That’s exactly the case that register is intended for, so why are you not using register?[/quote]

David, the register you’ve been talking about, is it register the extension on the station, such as logging into Skype?

In my hotdesking + queue, my user extensions are not bind on specific stations, so static host won’t help.

Not really sure do i understand the meaning of your register, mind explain in more detail?


Registering the phone with Asterisk. E.g. with X-Lite “Register with domain and receive incoming calls”.