How to make IVR answer immediately?

Hi everyone,
i would like to ask about the IVR.

currently, my IVR will answer after the 3rd RING.
can i make the IVR answer immediately or short the RING to 1 or 2 times only?
if can,
which part that i need to configured?

thank you.

IVR’s are a FreePBX concept. Support for that is provided at

A couple of possible factors:

  1. ringback tone is not synchronised with ringing current. It is possible that the PSTN operator is only giving Asterisk one ring.

  2. CLID in the US system generally needs at least two rings.

(If you are using an ITSP, you may need to take this up with them.)

If you are not using FreePBX, the correct forum for support questions is Asterisk Support.

What are you using for your connection with the telephony service provider? VoIP od DAHDI?

Are you writing your dialplan yourself?

This issue usually happen with analogs lines. And sometimes is related to specific Telcos. I have a PBX with 2 analog lines each one from different providers, One rings 3 times before Asterisk Answers the call , the other line is Answered automatically

thanks for reply.

i’m using the GSM port to received call.
this system only using asterisk and no freepbx.

the dialplan is automatically generate.
by the way, where can found the dialplan script?


It is probable that the GSM network starts sending ringback before it completes the air interface operations needed to actually alert the destination. If so, there is nothing you can do within the destination system.

If you don’t know where the dialplan is, you are on the wrong forum. Please use the support web site provided by the people who did provide the dialplan.

In a standard installation, the dialplan starts in /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf, but can be continued by the inclusion of other files and by database tables.

thanks for the reply.

here in my "extensions_additional.conf’.

what i need to do in order to short the ring times?

Wrong board. That is a FreePBX file. There are no delays in that file.

You need to use a landline connection.